How to Set Multi-Step Directions on Google Maps

How to Set Multi-Step Directions on Google Maps

Google Maps is a mapping application service developed by giant technology, Google. It is available in web browsers and applications on your Android. It has many important features such as satellite imagery, 360 ° street images, real-time traffic conditions, and information store.

Google Maps was developed by two Danish brothers, Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen at a company called 2 Technologies. in October 2004, Google acquired the company in October 2004. Google immediately began the work of polishing applications into complete web mapping applications. After that, Google acquired Keyhole, a digital mapping company, and ZipDash, a real-time traffic analysis company to further enhance Google Maps features.

At present, Google Maps has added so many important features such as real time accident reporting, GPS assistance, map makers, offline maps, 3D globe maps, and incognito mode.


Just like most tools, both in real and virtual life, Google Maps may be difficult to use effectively because of the many features in it. Let me guide you through some basic uses of Google Maps.

Go somewhere

This is the most intended use of Google Maps, only switching from point A to point B while Google Maps gives you additional advice about optimal road routes and traffic conditions. Let me walk you through a scenario:

Let’s imagine that you are a writer who is looking for new inspiration, so you want to take a vacation on a trip. You are currently planning your vacation route throughout Europe and will do so after the pandemic is over.

First, open your Google Maps. Then click on the right turn sign.


Say you are currently in Stockholm, Sweden and your first destination is Helsinki Finland. Now enter Stockholm at the starting point location.


This application will automatically zoom into the map to Stockholm, and collect basic information about traffic near that area.

Now it’s time to add a goal, which in our case is Helsinki, Finland. Just add “Helsinki” to the destination bar just below the starting point bar.


Now, before we proceed, we need to double check our route options.

First, in the top right bar, you can choose travel options. You can choose by train, by foot, or by plane. Because we will be traveling, obviously we will choose by car (which is the default).


Under the ‘destination’ bar, you can choose whether to leave now or leave at the specified time. This application will automatically update information about traffic announcements based on the time you choose.


Right next to the “go now” button, we have an “options” button. This allows you to make some exceptions to the route by avoiding certain things like highways or ferries. Very useful if you have security and want to avoid using ferries!


Okay, we arrived in Helsinki, now what? Add another destination of course! This function is called a multi-step direction route. You can add more than two destinations and Google Maps will create a route based on the order of destination.


To do this, just click “add destination” and then enter “Moscow”, because we like snow and vodka.


The route will automatically be created using the same options.

Now let’s add a few more goals.


Yep, your vacation will be memorable.

You can also reorder goals by dragging on the leftmost button


Yes, quite a lot. Now go make your holiday a reality!

Store Information

Another great feature of Google Maps is that you can not only find and find shops near you, but Google Maps also provides information about hours of work, reviews, photos of places, and even contact numbers.


The next time you are hungry, you can open Google Maps to find several restaurants. Maybe you will find a hidden gem of a restaurant that you can eat, who knows?

Offline Map

Sometimes when you travel somewhere, internet reception is very bad, you can’t even load one map on it. Your life will be saved if you use this feature. This allows you to download offline maps on Android so you can access them at any time without using any data. In Windows, you must download Google Earth.

To do this, first, you must type a place, for example, “Svalbard”


Then you tap the “Download” button.


This application will ask you to close how many maps you will download. After completing your selection, just tap “download” and the download will begin.

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